Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gift of Rain

 Set during the tumult of World War II, on the lush Malayan island of Penang, The Gift of Rain tells a riveting and poignant tale about a young man caught in the tangle of wartime loyalties and deceits.
In 1939, sixteen-year-old Philip Hutton-the half-Chinese, half-English youngest child of the head of one of Penang's great trading families-feels alienated from both the Chinese and British communities. He at last discovers a sense of belonging in his unexpected friendship with Hayato Endo, a Japanese diplomat. 

Mary just sent me an e-mail that she had read this book because of my recommendation.  It reminded me of how much I liked the book when I read it.  I actually read this book in paper format.  I would be happy to loan it out if someone wants to read it.....unless I gave it to Mary.

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