Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Secret Chord

I met Geraldine Brooks several years ago at the Key West Literary seminar.  It was the year that they were featuring Historical fiction.  I LOVED everything about the seminar that year.  For that event, I read her book:  Year Of Wonders.  Since then I have read everything that she has written that I know about.

This book reminded me of Anita Diamant's The Red Tent in that it takes a small part of the Bible and with imagination and research turns the segment into a full length, fascinating account.  I loved the Red Tent and I loved The Secret Chord.

After I recommended this book to a knitting buddy, I told her the next week that the book is very violent.  And I would caution my readers to be aware of the violence.  This is definitely a book for adults rather than children.  One does not have to believe every interpretation that Geraldine Brooks makes about the life of David, but the ideas are fascinating to consider.

Here are a few highlights from reviews found on Amazon:

"The Secret Chord," by Geraldine Brooks, is a novelization of King David's life, narrated by Nathan, who counseled the sovereign for many years. As the scorned youngest son of Yishai, David spends most of his days tending his father's sheep in the wilderness. Samuel proclaims that David, whom his older brothers ostracized, is destined to become the future king of Israel. The young man's victory over Goliath brings him great acclaim, and initially, King Saul takes the boy under his wing. David not only distinguishes himself on the battlefield, but also composes beautiful music, plays the harp, and sings with divine inspiration. Unfortunately, Saul becomes jealous of David and turns against him in a murderous rage.

 It is in his middle age that David falls in love with Batsheva and it is with her that he conceives a child Solomon (referred to as Shlomo in this book). Solomon is raised differently from the rest of his brothers ad he receives some of the finest education a boy of his time can get. It is with cunning of prophet Nathan and David's wife Batsheva, that Solomon assumes power and becomes King of Israel. It is during his reign that Israel prospered and some of the most beautiful verses of Old Testament are created.

 King David is believed to have composed a large part of the Book of Psalms in the Bible, .....

I read this book via  I recommend it.

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