Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Mammoth Hunters

This was my least favorite book of the series.  However, I did finish it.  It was interesting in that Ayla was adopted into the Lion Camp.  And the part in which Ayla interacts with the Old Mamut.  However the sex scenes and the misunderstandings between Ayla and Jondalar made one want to fast forward.  Perhaps a good editor could have cut them down to a more manageable amount.  Here are a couple of other people's thoughts about the book that I copied and pasted from other reviews:

" On the way, three days away from the valley, they met up with other people called the Mamutoi of the Great Lion Camp who accepted friendly visitors with open arms but they were apprehensive about the two horses, Winney and Racer."

"I did enjoy the characters of the Lion Camp. They were a group of people who received and adopted people who were different. In their camp they accepted a dark skin man, a mix-breed baby, a family that no other Camps would take in, and a spiritual leader who lived among the Clan people for a while recovering from a broken arm...."

 I read this book via audible.....perhaps this is one instance in which audible should have offered an abridged version.

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