Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Plains of Passage

Jean Auel got back on track with book #4.   The entire book covers the traveling done by Ayla, Jondala, the two horses, and Wolf.

I was looking for a review that would say some of the things that I think to little avail.  However, on Wikipedia, I found the following that makes me very excited to continue the series!

The Plains of Passage describes the journey of Ayla and Jondalar west along the Great Mother River (the Danube), from the home of The Mammoth Hunters (roughly modern Ukraine) to Jondalar's homeland (close to Les EyziesDordogne, France). During this journey, Ayla meets the various peoples who live along their line of march. These meetings, the attitudes and beliefs of these groups, and Ayla's response form an essential part of the story.

Never did I expect Jondalar's people to be my ancestors!  I am very excited to find that the couple and their horses and Wolf would end up in the very area of Europe where my Grandmother's people were MANY centuries ago!  I guess I may as well use my new credit on Audible to purchase the next book in the series!

At the end of the book, the information is confirmed that the Great Mother River that the couple followed is indeed the Danube.  Below is a map of the Danube:

And then below a map that shows the area of France in which we find  Les Eyzies, Dordogne, France:

I found my photo book about the trip that Jack and I made with Steve and Doris in 1994.  We absolutely stayed in the small village of Les Eyries.  I will add information about that when I have time.

I wrote a blog post about my mtDNA that is found at the bottom of a post on my Hornberger line.  According to the book written by Brian Sykes the nickname that he gave to the Daughter of Eve who heads up the H Haplogroup (which is my group) is Helena.  If you go to the below link and scroll to the bottom you can see where Helena's group was found in the ice ages:

Ans here is a link to a post made by Rick Steves about the are around Les Eyries

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