Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Chosen by a Horse

Below is taken from blurb on website:  
The horse Susan Richards chose for rescue wouldn’t be corralled into her waiting trailer. Instead Lay Me Down, a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels, walked right up that ramp and into Susan’s life. This gentle creature―malnourished, plagued by pneumonia and an eye infection―had endured a rough road, but somehow her heart was still open and generous. It seemed fated that she would come into Susan’s paddock and teach her how to embrace the joys of life despite the dangers of living. 

This book came across audible on one of their buy one and get one free sales.  I probably wouldn't have bought it normally nor read it otherwise.  But having just finished The Rosie Project and being in the middle of Christmas craziness, I was looking for something a bit light.  Not the best book that I ever read.  But the lady had a story to tell, and the story was nice.  Listened to the book via audible.com

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