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The Shelters of Stone

From Wikipedia:

The Shelters of Stone is a historical fiction novel by Jean M. Auel published in April 2002. It is the sequel to The Plains of Passage – published 12 years earlier – and fifth in the Earth's Children series. It describes the return of Jondalar to his homeland along with Ayla

In the fourth book, Ayla and Jondalar traveled for a year to reach the place where Jondalar had grown up and where his people lived.  This book tells about Ayla's pregnancy and the birth of the daughter of the couple.  It also tells about her slowly becoming accepted by Jondalar's people and about the rights of matrimony that make the two a official couple.  It ends with Ayla's agreement to become a part of:

" Not long after the birth, Ayla finally decides to become Zelandonii's acolyte, if only so that the members of the Zelandonii will accept her as a healer."

This book is set in what is now the Vézère valley, near to Les Eyzies, in the Dordogne, southwest France. It was relatively densely populated in prehistoric times, with many open cliff-top dwellings that can still be seen, some of which have been turned into tourist attractions. The national museum of prehistory is located in this valley. Ayla also discovers the world-famous cave of Lascaux, which her adopted people subsequently paint.

This is where I believe that my own clan mother lived in this time period:

I think that the above map was taken from Brian Sykes book:  The Seven Daughters of Eve.  However, I have given my copy away and can not double check this. Wikipedia has an interesting article about this book at:

My Haplogroup is H which means that in Brian's book, I would descend from Helena.  Compare the two maps to see why I believe that I descend from the people that Jean Auel calls the Zelendonia.

It is my understanding that the Grottes Lascaux is the cave that Ayla discovers in this book.

I just found a site for wonderful maps that someone has already drawn for us:

If you are really a fan, do not miss this site!

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